HUBBUB: John Slattery

The actor’s character on AMC’s Mad Men, Roger Sterling, is notorious for his chauvinistic zingers. It turns out that off set, the Boston native is just as often a target of barbs, courtesy of his three sisters (blame the hair). On the eve of Mad Men’s October 17 season finale, we caught up with the silver fox himself — and learned not to call him that.

After such a long acting career, how does it feel to have landed a role that’s gotten you so much attention? If someone told me 20 years ago, “You’ll kick around for this long, and then you’ll get a part that will probably be the best job you’ve ever had,” I don’t know what I would have said. If I were smart, I would have said, “That’s the best way for it to happen.”

I imagine you get recognized a lot more these days. A little bit more.

A little bit? I bet you get a bad martini joke every time you walk into a bar. Well, I do get sent drinks more than I used to. But, you know, I’m not gonna complain about that.