Mass. Appeal: More-Than-Fair-Food

By Francis Storrs | Boston Magazine |
caramel apple


IT’S NICE TO KNOW there are places where guilt-free eating is alive and well. And one of the best, the 192-year-old Topsfield Fair, isn’t changing anytime soon. “You’d think there would be a trend toward healthier food, but I don’t see that,” says Jeanie Flynn. She should know. At the fair, her family operates nine Anna’s Fried Dough trucks, guilty-pleasure outposts that fry up 10,000 pounds of raw dough over the course of 12 days (10/1–10/11). Fried dough isn’t that bad for you, Flynn insists — certainly not when you compare it to wholesome-seeming veggie tempura (which soaks up the cooking oil). But will that little detail stop anyone from getting their fried-vegetable fix? Nope. The Flynn family is expecting to sell more than 4,000 pounds of the stuff this year.

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