52 Weekend Getaways: Charlemont, MA

See the forest for the trees.

| Boston Magazine |

Zipline tours got their start in Central America in the 1970s, but they’re just now hitting New England in a big way. Most are in the northernmost part of the region, though two Charlemont-based companies are competing to be the go-to source in Massachusetts. Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours emphasizes the educational aspect, with guides who describe the local foliage and fauna. Meanwhile, Berkshire East goes for the thrill, with two 2,000-plus-foot ziplines that plunge downhill at 50 miles per hour. 800-532-7483, deerfieldzipline.com; 413-339-6617, berkshirezip.com.


STAY: Warfield House Inn, 200 Warfield Rd., Charlemont, 888-339-8439, warfieldhouseinn.com.

DRIVE: Two hours, 45 minutes

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