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Lately, the Big Shamrock has been awfully busy coining his trademark neologisms (Shaqologisms?) on Twitter (@The_Real_Shaq). Their definitions:

(row-shak-bo) n. 1. Hand game used to make a decision. 2. A method by which a coach divides playing time between centers named O’Neal (rare).

(shak-jish-en) n. 1. Former Orlando Magic player. 2. American basketball player who makes dunks disappear but struggles to do the same for free throws.

(shak’l-ak’) n. 1. Automobile brand prized for smooth ride, ability to seat 325-pound drivers; often garaged in winter to ensure optimum spring performance.

(shmak-tôk) n. Mock-threatening language used to intimidate an opposing player, e.g., “If you’ve got a Corvette that runs into a brick wall, you know what’s going to happen. [Kobe’s] a Corvette. I’m a brick wall.”

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