The Coast Is Clear

What’s missing from post-summer Provincetown? Crowded sidewalks, oppressive heat, and touristy “celebrations.”

BROWSING Glass Half Full is your source for truly fine bottles of fermented grapes, especially unlikely rosés. Roots sells worthy home and garden gifts and accessories. And despite the trying-too-hard tag line ("swanky swigs and badass barware," anyone?), tasteful quaffing gear abounds at Provincetown Drinkx.

OBSERVING THE LOCALS The ones choking down miserable grub at Governor Bradford? Rookies. The ones knocking back PBRs and taking in the drag karaoke at Governor Bradford? Locals and clued-in tourists. At Waterford Inn, a posher crowd downs craft cocktails and excellent bar snacks amid surprisingly (for P-town, at least) up-to-date décor. Recaffeinate at the original Wired Puppy, whose Newbury Street outpost won this year’s Best of Boston nod.