The Local Nine: Supreme Court Justices

In honor of former Cambridge resident Elena Kagan’s new job, we rank the best Supreme Court justices from the area.

| Boston Magazine |

9. William Henry Moody (1906–1910)
As a lawyer, prosecuted Lizzie Borden (unsuccessfully).

8. Joseph Story (1812–1845)
Became, at 32, the youngest justice ever.

7. Louis Brandeis (1916–1939)
Best grades in the history of Harvard Law School.

6. Stephen Breyer (1994–present)
An Eagle Scout.

5. Horace Gray (1882–1902)
Family donated land for the Public Garden.

4. William Cushing (1790–1810)
Swore in President Washington.

3. Felix Frankfurter (1939–1962)
Not the inventor of the hot dog.

2. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1902–1932)
Served until age 90. After passing a pretty girl, said, “What wouldn’t I give to be 75 again?”

1. Benjamin Robbins Curtis (1851–1857)
Only justice to ever resign in protest, after Court failed to outlaw slavery.

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