The Standup Mad Lib

| Boston Magazine |

Dozens of comedians from around the country just flew into Boston, and boy, are their arms tired. That’s right, it’s time for the 10th annual Boston Comedy Festival (11/5-11/13). As a warmup for the fest’s standup competition, we asked the participants to finish this sentence: The best way to make it in Boston is…

…try and get in Abigail Johnson’s pants. -Ophira Eisenberg

…As I understand it, you need a Native American headdress and a hatred of "taxation without representation." You also must enjoy wasting perfectly good tea. -Erik Allen

…be a white dude. -Bethany Van Delft

…move to New York. -Raj Sivaraman

…repeatedly yell, "Yankees suck!" This is also known to work in Alabama. -Andrea Henry

…direct films about tracksuit-wearing armed robbers from Charlestown and cast yourself as the hero. -Leah Dubie