• lydia

    Thanks goodness for the Victim Rights Law Center and their ability to help survivors of sexual assault from further abuse and exploitation

  • Sharmili

    Regardless of immigration status, those sexually abused should have a clear path to justice; unfortunately, that is often not the case. The threat of deportation hopefully has less impact when survivors of violence are connected with resources knowledgable about the U-Visa and other remedies. Thank you for shedding light on a situation many don’t think about in our country’s ongoing debate about immigration, and for sharing a brave woman’s struggle.

  • howeecarr

    I’m SURE Boston Mg will be running a story on crimes COMMITTED by illegal immigrants. Fair and balanced, doncha know…

  • victor

    as an undocumented i have been assulted,abused and almost raped.have not found a group or organization to help yet.now i am being extorted by rapist and threatened deportation if report assults and torture and molestation.still not a group or soul to help.its either deportation by loosing all self dignity or thearts of death and extortion by assailant.no mercy or help by anybody.