Table Talk

What’s shaking on the city’s food scene.

• The Theater District makeover continues with Bijou, a restaurant/nightclub from restaurateur George Aboujaoude of Newbury Street’s Cafeteria. It promises a vibe "as though guests are part of a lively, modern cocktail party." We’re not holding our breath over the "utensil-free" menu, but we admit it does suit the venue. When you’re already juggling a Red Bull, a bottle of Veuve, and a Balenciaga, a fork just seems so unnecessary, non?

• Rattlesnake owner Gordon Wilcox and chef Brian Poe have teamed up on a South End tavern, Poe’s Chester Square Pub, across the street from the recently opened Parish Café (which Wilcox also owns). Expect a winter launch and pub fare "from around the world." We’re not sure what that means, but we’re hoping for curry fries.

Think Tank, an Asian restaurant/discotheque in Kendall Square that was open for mere weeks before summer floods forced its closure, is back. Bring on the sriracha wings and retro funk!

• Indie restaurant Journeyman has debuted in Union Square. The concept: set dinner menus with three, five, or seven courses; artisanal everything; and beer and wine chosen specifically to suit each course. In other words – great choice for adventurous, virtue-driven eaters; bad choice for kids on a chicken-nugget diet.

• For his new restaurant, Bondir, scheduled to open last month, former Beacon Hill Bistro chef Jason Bond decided to think small. It’s a 28-seat ode to local ingredients, and Bond will be in the kitchen alone, at least for a while. The upside to such low overhead? Excellent value, with elegant entrées in the $20 range.

• Beer geeks in Belmont just got lucky. Suzanne Schalow, previously general manager of brew mecca Cambridge Common, has opened Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont Center. On hand: small-batch ales and lagers, a "drinking table" for tastings, and for commitment-phobes, single 12-ounce bottles as well as large-format beers.

• Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is so overrated. This year, we’re calling up our nearest Summer Shack to preorder a deep-fried 16-pound turkey with all the fixings. The tab? A lean $100. (We’ll still use the nice china, though.)