• Ellen

    Bravo to Eileen Macnamara for her fantastic article about
    Paul Levy. I had a soul searing experience in 2005 with him at BIDMC and I shall never forget it. You can read about it on my blog http://www.elleninmedicaland.blogspot.com. It is a chapter of my book, Ellen In Medicaland and it is called Medical Care From Hell. You can also listen to radio and tv shows about this experience at http://www.tvyourhealthcare.org.

  • Ben

    Where was Helen Drinan when the BI needed her. Mrs. Drinan filed a complaint to the Caritas Christi trustees when a ceo misbehaved. Like the BI,Caritas Christi is a religious based hospital. At the BI,Levy drove out a beloved rabbi who sat on the ethics commission.

  • Pilar

    This article is dead on. It does not matter what Mr Levy did, individually. What is concerniong, deeply concerning, is that powerful institutions in Boston not only tolerate infringements of law and policy but, in addition, promote those who are responsible. Philantropists should reserve their donations for institutions that promote abiding by the law!

  • Shawna

    Tip of the iceberg, Eileen, tip of the iceberg. The network protects criminals, too.