The Ultimate: Sweet Potato Fries

By Amy J. Downey | Boston Magazine |

From floppy wedges to well-baked shoestrings, sweet potato fries are showing up on every pub and comfort-food menu in town. But the kitchen at Bukowski Tavern delivers the most snackable spuds. The peeled potato sticks are deep-fried in soybean oil until they’re flaky and crisp on the outside, soft but not mealy inside. A little salt, a sprinkle of pepper, and the heaping basket is served up with a perfectly tangy honey Dijon-horseradish dipping sauce. Though a solo diner could easily polish off an order – especially with one of the bar’s many microbrews to wash it down – the portion is big enough for a few.
50 Dalton St., Boston, 617-437-9999; 1281 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617-497-7077.

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