Ayla Brown Profile

By Alyssa Giacobbe | Boston Magazine |

IT’S SHOWTIME AT THE MALL. Ayla’s long, brown hair is flat-ironed straight. On her left ring finger she wears a large white topaz, a graduation gift from her parents that doubles as an engagement stand-in: “When I travel, it scares off men who try to talk to me,” she says. The salesmoms come to ask if she needs any more accessories; Ayla politely declines. And then she heads out to a sea of expectant tweens crowding outside of Sephora and shouting, “I love you, Ayla!” 

  • Marli

    really sick of ayla and her self- promotion. what really did it for me was when she was trying to jump the line at a restaurant and when they wouldn’t let her, she said “do you know who i am?” PULEEZE ayla, you’re just NOT that good!!