Essential Spirits for Your Home Bar

By Alexandra Hall | Boston Magazine |
Consider the home bar raised: We surveyed some 20 local bartenders to concoct a list of spirits essential to a personal bar. The mixologists provided the genres; we did the tastings (and landed on our favorites). Toss in a few of your own quirky picks, and you’ve got a cabinet to be reckoned with. Add ice, a twist or two, and swig. Now that’s the spirit.  

1   A top-notch light rum  El Dorado three-year cask-aged white rum
2   A spicy mixer  Gosling’s Ginger Beer    
3   A sipping tequila  Patrón Silver    
4   A sweet mixer  Stirrings Simple Apple Martini    
5   Bitters  Locally made Bittermens    
6   A dependable white wine  2008 Cistercensi Coenobium    
7   A solid bourbon  Maker’s Mark    
8   A versatile aperitif   Campari    
9   A dependable red wine  2007 G. D. Vajra barbera    
10  A mixing tequila  Don Julio    
11  A single malt  Balvenie 17-year    
12  A clean-flavored vodka  Ketel One    
13  An easy-drinking whiskey  Jameson    
14  At least one kind of beer  Guinness    
15  An everyday sparkler  Frozza prosecco     
16  A dark rum  Gosling’s Black Seal  
All available at local wine and spirits stores at varying prices.

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