Real New England Weddings: Kerry Holleran & Paul Bailey

UNTIL PAUL GOT DOWN on one knee, the only time he and his future wife, Kerry, had managed to stay in the same ZIP code was during their four-year stint at Connecticut College. After graduating in 2001, the two were constantly on the move, but they found a way to keep things together despite the distance. "Sometimes it was New York City to D.C., sometimes New York City to California," says Kerry. After all that traveling, the peripatetic couple decided to come home to tie the knot. "No place really felt as nice as home," says Kerry, whose parents agreed to hold the wedding reception at their West Harwich summer house following the ceremony in Chatham.

To ensure that Kerry’s parents could play host and still enjoy the party, they hired a wedding planner – a decision that definitely paid off. "My family really loves Bill Murray comedies," says Kerry, "and in my dad’s speech he referenced the movie Groundhog Day. He said that if there were any day he would want to relive again and again, it would be this one."