Real New England Weddings: Liliana Rodriguez & Michael Berkowitz

STEELED BY A LITTLE LIQUID courage, Michael Berkowitz approached Lili Rodriguez at a New York City restaurant and offered to buy her a drink – which she immediately declined. But something about the generous stranger got her thinking, and within 10 minutes, Lili was back. The pair hit it off, bonding over the joys of skiing, among other things. They spent the next few winters escaping to the Vermont slopes whenever they could.

Naturally, the couple decided to wed in the ski capital of New England. Although they looked at a slew of venues, nothing compared to the Equinox Resort in Manchester Village. "I knew [the wedding] was going to be there right away," says Lili, "but he didn’t know it until the end." Then there was the question of the weather: An outdoor Vermont event in May is always risky. But after visiting the Equinox one overcast day, Lili and Michael realized that, rain or shine, this was the place for them.

"I’ve always liked outdoor weddings, particularly when the weather cooperates," says Michael. And cooperate it did: The duo exchanged vows under sunny skies and 80-degree temps.