The Big Digs

11. The rainfall was not as big as Pete Bouchard. Hurricane Earl threatens eastern Massachusetts — sending everyone into hysterics — but ends up amounting to little more than a strong breeze and a drizzle.

12. It’s already been created. It’s called fiction. Ben Mezrich, the fact-phobic author of The Accidental Billionaires, on which the movie The Social Network is based, tells New York magazine: “I write in a cinematic, thriller-esque style. It’s a valid form of nonfiction that dates back to Hunter Thompson and Tom Wolfe. Or maybe it’s a genre that I’m trying to create.”

13. Summarily, they’ve rendered this point self-evident. Private law schools protest the creation of a new UMass law school on the grounds that it would overburden Massachusetts with too many lawyers.

14. Sure, blame the computer. Because you guys have such a great track record with busing. With students arriving at school more than half an hour late, Boston public school officials say new software, intended to increase school-bus route efficiency, is the cause of the delays.

15. We’re still looking for a constituency he wouldn’t sell out. In his victory speech, freshly elected U.S. Senator Scott Brown declares his daughters to be “available.”

16. More proof Boston drivers are crappy.
A woman in Belmont is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after reportedly attempting to slow down a driver by hitting him in the face with a bag of dog poop.

17. The injuries were minor; and lo, verily he did rise again. A man named Lord Jesus Christ is hit by a car at a crosswalk in Northampton.

18. But when have you ever known Tom Finneran to exercise poor judgment? WRKO morning hosts Tom Finneran and Todd Feinburg, as well as their producer, discuss treasurer candidate Karyn Polito’s “tight little butt.”

19. And yet, Finneran could have made fun of her for being a bad driver. After single-handedly holding up a $430 million spending bill for a week, Polito, a Republican member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, shows up late the next Monday, allowing Democrats to push the bill through. She blames traffic.

20. We talked about how dumb this was on our way to Foxwoods. Despite general support from Governor Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, casino legislation fails, in large part because of DeLeo’s demand to license slots for the tracks.