The Big Digs

21. He’s against government spending, except on him. Noted Republican Curt Schilling packs up his 38 Studios video-game company and heads for Providence, thanks to a $75 million guaranteed loan from Rhode Island.

22. He’s cheaper than a Filene’s Basement sales rack — and of lower quality, too. Vornado Realty Trust chairman Steven Roth, whose company owns the giant hole in the ground at Downtown Crossing, openly acknowledges his strategy for redevelopment: let vacant properties sit in decay until frantic local governments offer him more money to build, reducing the blight.

23. The nation engages in a middle school debate over whether playing softball makes you a lesbian. After she is nominated to the Supreme Court, former Harvard Law School dean Elena Kagan has her sexuality become a point of controversy when pictures of her swinging a bat surface.

24. If this doesn’t scream “accountability” and “fiscal responsibility”…  Sarah Palin brings the Tea Party Express to town for an April rally on Boston Common. The event is funded by the Tea Party Express PAC, which does not disclose where its money comes from.

25. He lacked the “intrinsic aptitude” to fix the economy.
After a lackluster turn as director of the White House National Economic Council, Lawrence Summers returns to Harvard.

26. H2OHHHHH, NO! Enough self-righteousness to power everybody’s Prius. On April 29, environmentally conscious Concord residents vote to ban the sale of bottled water.

Whoooooops. On May 1, a ruptured water main cuts the supply of clean drinking water to the Boston area, sending locals scrambling for all the bottled water they can find.

27. We don’t have a joke here. We’re still speechless. Days before the election, Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Martha Coakley tells a reporter she does not intend to meet potential voters outside Fenway Park. “In the cold? Shaking hands?”

28. And now let’s check in with someone who knows about campaigning. Upon hearing of Coakley’s gaffe, President Obama reportedly says to an aide, “No! No! You’re making that up! That can’t be right! Tell me she didn’t say that!”

29. Did they call up the doctors from Pawtucket, too? Sox M.D.s clear Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia for action, whereupon both players promptly reinjure themselves.

30. He was for “gay fellas” before he was against them. Charlie Baker comes out against a transgender rights bill, calling it “the bathroom bill.” (Some social conservatives argued it could lead to unisex bathrooms.) His running mate, Richard Tisei, whom Baker subsequently refers to as a “gay fella,” is the bill’s cosponsor.