The Big Digs


Which of the following things actually happened in Cambridge this year?
The city printed yoga poses on parking tickets in an attempt to soothe penalized violators.
The city council directed officials to examine the possibility of installing a slide at one of Cambridge’s T stations.
MIT funded the installation of a dog-poop-powered lamppost in a city park.
Longtime residents were discovered to be Russian spies, and were deported.
All of the above, BECAUSE IT’S CAMBRIDGE.
                                                                                                    ANSWER: E


No.  On September 5, the Globe runs a story arguing that UMass “remains firmly lodged among the nation’s second-tier state schools.”

Yes.  The Times of London ranks UMass as the 56th-best university in the world; the school takes out a full-page ad in the Globe trumpeting this fact.

Yes?  Globe columnist and UMass alum Kevin Cullen responds, arguing that when you consider things besides intelligence and money, UMass is probably a better place than Harvard.

Yes!  On September 7, more than 300 people gather on the Amherst campus to attempt to set a record by building the world’s longest piece of sushi. They succeed, making a 422-foot-long California roll. The school issues an official release on this great accomplishment.

The verdict? Yes.  Sushi is delicious, and Kevin Cullen doesn’t go there anymore.