The Local Nine

| Boston Magazine |

9. Bonwit Teller
Boston’s chicest shop for 40 years. In 1989 Louis took over its Berkeley Street digs.

8. Bradlees
Its suburban locations ironically pioneered department-store-killing shopping centers.

7. Raymond’s
Got its start selling the hats of a store destroyed by the Great Fire of 1872; went bankrupt a century later.

6. C. F. Hovey & Co.
Sold out to Jordan Marsh in the ’40s after descendants of the owners founded Fidelity.

5. Kennedy’s

The store is gone, but the façade remains part of the 101 Arch Street office tower.

4. Gilchrist’s
Closed in December 1976, but its macaroons still evoke Proustian memories.

3. Sears, Roebuck

Now the Landmark Center, this iconic outpost of the chain was so busy it had its own post office.

2. Jordan Marsh
We miss the Enchanted Village the most. (Thanks for saving it, Jordan’s Furniture.)

1. Filene’s
Its Downtown Crossing location, home to the world’s first bargain basement, is now pretty much only basement.

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