The Scapegoats

By Paul Kix | Boston Magazine |
THE FBI EVENTUALLY DUMPED WILBURN. Agent Scott Robbins testified that by the end of 2007, the bureau wanted to widen the scope of the investigation. To do that it needed undercover agents, not helpful civilians. 
It’s tough to tell what’s become of this widened investigation. Robbins testified that a third public official had been under investigation for quite some time, but no one has yet been arrested or indicted. It may very well be that the FBI couldn’t get its man (or woman). But it’s also worth noting that Wilkerson’s arrest on October 28, 2008, occurred during — and that Turner’s indictment soon followed — the trial and conviction of former Boston FBI agent John Connolly. Connolly, of course, was a gangster with a badge, leaking information to the infamous Whitey Bulger, who then used that information to kill a potential witness. At the very least, it was fortuitous timing for the FBI that a splashy public corruption case just happened to be competing for media attention with the trial of a former rogue agent. 
WHEN I TRACKED DOWN WILBURN after his testimony, he told me only that he would call me. And, sure enough, after Turner was convicted, I did get that call. “I am a man of my word,” Wilburn said. But he made it clear that he wouldn’t discuss anything. He was only working with writers who would pay him for the privilege. I laughed. 
“My pro bono days are over,” he said. 
With additional reporting by Jason Schwartz 
  • Leo

    Disgraceful and disgusting officially sanctioned set-up. Turning friends against friends – tempting individuals. Temptation? To what extent should deliberate temptation and tempting another person be legal? Ronald was paid for his part in this ugly tragedy and was himself a criminal. The petty amounts the briberies constituted (under 30K) do not match the prison sentences (especially Chuck Turner’s) Former Presidents have scammed for millions and not received any punishment at all. Justice for all? We don’t think so!