Boston Top Doctors: Community Hospitals


Brigham and Women’s/Mass General Health Care Center
Beds  | N/A
Specialties  | Sports medicine, day surgery, rehabilitative services

It may be an outpatient clinic, but when this place opened at Patriot Place in 2009, the relief of locals was palpable. No more schleps to Boston for an MRI. No more rushing to Attleboro for stitches (the local ER option, Southwood Hospital, closed several years ago). The center’s proximity to the stadium — it counts Patriots players among its patients — means it puts a premium on sports medicine. Here you’ll find everything from hip arthroscopy to the latest in drug therapies and other nonsurgical treatments for problematic joints, says Philip Blazar, a Brigham and Women’s hand surgeon who runs the Foxboro orthopedic practice. An enormous rehab department has a whirlpool and every form of exercise equipment, plus therapists who are geniuses with splints, braces, and bandages.

South Shore Hospital
Beds  | 318
Specialties  | Level-three maternity and neonatal intensive care units, cardiovascular care, trauma
South Shore Hospital may handle roughly 80,000 ER visits per year, but to Rockland resident David Kohler, the only patient who mattered was his six-year-old son: The facility stitched him up after a bike accident. “From the second I walked in, they took care of us,” he says. “I was carrying Ryan and someone got a wheelchair immediately.” A few popsicles, some Novocaine, and a Scooby-Doo video later, David left with a happier kid and written instructions for caring for the stitches. “People went out of their way to check on us, to tell Ryan he was being brave. It meant a lot.” The hospital excels in caring for children at every stage, whether it’s micro-preemies in the NICU or teenage athletes. An innovative outpatient program provides baseline neurological testing for kids involved in contact sports, so if a concussion is suspected, damage can be accurately assessed and monitored. “We are constantly listening and thinking about how to better serve our communities’ needs,” says John Stevenson, senior vice president and chief medical officer. For instance, when the ER saw more elderly patients admitted for fall-related traumas, the home-care division ramped up injury-prevention classes for caregivers. To address a growing orthopedic need, the hospital will open an out-patient musculoskeletal surgical center in Hingham in fall 2011. 

  • Ronald

    Really?? North of Boston is Lahey and Winchester?? Lahey I might go along with… but what about North Shore Medical Center and Beverly Hospital. Both top notch places that were left off you list.