A Tale of Four Cities

By Paul Kix | Boston Magazine |

Single Bostonians are the dating scene’s intellectual overlords. When they’re not talking about which grad school they attended, they’re debating what sabermetric calculations prescribe for Carl Crawford’s spot in the 2011 lineup. The best thing to do if you’re single and dumb? Move.

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Single Miamians like the beach, and to “LOL,” and, you know, the movies, and livin’. And the ocean.

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No offense to Hova or 30 Rock, but New Yorkers living in New York love talking about New Yorkers working in New York. Unless they’re New York Yankees, because apparently no one there discusses that. Which is fine by us.

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The only thing more disturbing than the vapidness and solipsism of L.A. singles is the fact that, to them,  commercial brands count as personality traits. “My iPhone” is the fourth most-discussed phrase among daters out there.

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