Cheers! The Ultimate Guide to Drinking in Boston

| Boston Magazine |

So, where can you get a good drink around here? Maybe it’s the economy. Or Mad Men. Maybe it’s the epic winter staring us down. Could just as easily be the national cocktail renaissance (mixology seminar or artisanal bitters tasting, anyone?) that has hit Boston like a tsunami — and arguably turned the bartender into the new celebrity chef. But whatever the reason (and most likely, it’s all of the above), something is driving us to drink. And you’ll get no complaints from us: not when it means we have more informed and intoxicatingly creative bar talent than ever before. To find out who’s leading the pack, our team of ace imbibers canvassed the city, sipping highball and low in search of the best versions of 30 iconic libations. Behold, our list of the classic and popular drinks that every well-stocked bar and well-trained bartender should be able to produce — plus the people and places that shake it all up best. Bottoms up.