Enough Already

| Boston Magazine |

Before we close out 2010: How’d it go with that weight-loss resolution you couldn’t stop talking about last January? Are you still turning off the lights when you leave the den? Spending more time with your kids? Did you finally finish that shelving project from the summer of ’06? No, you didn’t. Look, we’ve spent our entire lives becoming the overweight, energy-wasting, child-ignoring, procrastinating adults that we are, so the chances that our newfound convictions will outlast the month of January are slightly above zero. And you know what? We’re fine with that. Really, it’s fine. But as we kick off 2011, let’s spare one another all those golden-hearted declarations of the wonderful changes we’re going to make this year. You want to improve your life? Do it. But now is the time to dispense with these little pipe dreams we call resolutions. Happy New Year to you, too.