HUBBUB Interview: Bobby and Peter Farrelly

By Jason Schwartz | Boston Magazine |

Did you catch a lot of flak in the aftermath?
BF: I think that d-bag Simmons from, he didn’t like it, but I’m okay with that.

Not big Bill Simmons fans?
BF: I have a little bone to pick with him ’cause he feels like he can say whatever he wants about Boston sports and Boston, but [doesn’t like it] if someone else does a take on it, like we did.
PF: This is the first time I’ve ever heard his name, actually. Apparently Bobby’s more aware of him.
BF: Yeah, well he has a tendency to badmouth us. He’s a good writer, he’s a prolific writer, and he’s a smart guy and all of that. I just think he’s a little bitchy — you know, a little girly.

Any other controversies we can start before I let you go?
PF: Ha, is that guy in Boston?

From here, but he’s out with you guys in L.A. now.
PF: Do you know where he lives?