The Local Nine: Political Scandals

| Boston Magazine |

9. Dianne Wilkerson
Turner palmed something like $1,000, chump change compared with the $23,500 in bribes Wilkerson accepts.

8. John Buonomo
The Middlesex register of probate goes to jail in 2009 after stealing cash from office photocopiers.

7. Oakes Ames
During construction of the first transcontinental railroad, the U.S. representative gives family members jobs.

6. Sal DiMasi
Indicted in 2009 for taking payments to push state contracts through the House.

5. Barney Frank
You think defending Fannie and Freddie is damaging? Try explaining your 1980s relationship with a male prostitute.

4. Tom Finneran
The former House speaker is disbarred in 2010 after admitting he “knowingly and willfully made misleading and false statements” during a court hearing.

3. Nicholas Mavroules
The U.S. representative pleads guilty in 1993 to accepting bribes.

2. Ted Kennedy
The Lion’s scandals are both tragic (Chappaquiddick) and sadly comic (boozy carousing with Chris Dodd).

1. James Michael Curley
Reelected alderman in 1904 while in prison, he spends another five months there in the late ’40s…as Boston’s mayor.

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