• federica

    if you would follow glenn Beck, you should notice he is less loud, thoughtful and dr Ablow is showing once more he has no prejudices of any kind, he works with people he considers great no matter what. Glenn changed in these few months and maybe also because of his friendship with Ablow. You should put your prejudices aside and read this book seriously. Ablow is always Ablow, Glenn Beck is more thoughtful

  • Kevin

    “The good doctor is about to alienate all of Massachusetts.” Really? I hope the good people of Mass are not all as close-minded as the author of this piece. We often fear what we do not understand. I encourage the reader to give this book a try, and read it with an open mind. It might not only give you a better understanding of yourself, but a better understanding of Glenn as well. You may discover that Glenn is not the Bogeyman he is portrayed as. Don’t succumb to the negative hype. Peace.