• Dana

    Thank you for some “non-cookie-cutter” tips! thesse are good, and original! I really need to try stregnth training, I am hearing more and more about its benefits! Have you thought about the importance of an “anti aging supplement”? I take prodermagenix capsules that are not only supposed to be filled with vitamins, but also anti aging properties to work on my skin from the inside. I had never even heard of such a thing until I tried these, and they really seem to work. just thought I would add my own “original” tip haha.

  • john d

    Really pearl laser is a nice option We know about face peels, which means we all know why they’ve become a cultural anathema. The threat of a long healing process, and thus unavoidable public humiliation, looms large. Which is precisely where the Pearl Laser comes in. The instrument is at the heart of a two-year-old process that zaps surface layers of skin cells, creating a controlled injury that brings up smoother, tighter replacement skin as you heal.