The 50 Most Powerful Women in Boston

By Alexandra Hall | Boston Magazine |

Regina Pisa

Chairman/Managing Partner, Goodwin Procter

Power demo:  Nabbing 35 hotshot partners and 26 associates when rival law firm Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault closed — one of the biggest hiring coups in Boston legal history.



Lora Pellegrini

President/CEO, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans

Power demo:  Representing more than 2.3 million Bay State residents covered by 13 different health plans (and serving as Deval Patrick’s chief adviser for legislative affairs).


Linda Pizzuti Henry

Director, John W. Henry Family Foundation; Producer, After the Game

Power demo:  Putting together the snappy video that finally got the ball rolling on the Boston Public Market.


Carol Rose

Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts

Power demo:  Leading the charge against racial and sexual intolerance, unjust imprisonment, invasions of privacy, and even Internet censorship.


Laura Sen

President/CEO, BJ’S Wholesale Club

Power demo: Increasing the $10 billion company’s stock value from $30 to $45 during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. How? By pushing the colossus to corner not just the bulk market but also the market for weekly groceries.


Micho Spring

President, New England Weber Shandwick

Power demo:  Teaching heavy-hitter corporate clients like CVS and Genzyme how to make themselves look good in the community.


Meg Vaillancourt

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Boston Red Sox; Executive Director, Red Sox Foundation

Power demo: Distributing $45 million since 2003 to disadvantaged youth and families through the Olde Towne Team’s philanthropic arm.



Joan Vennochi

Columnist, Boston Globe

Power demo:  There are just a handful of local scribes we truly rely on to offer actual perspective about the state of our city (the rest seem to exist purely to be made fun of). Among the serious few, none uses her Globe-given soapbox to more provocative effect than op-ed writer Joan Vennochi, who’ll take on — and take down — anything from the casino bill to high school bullies to the politics of snow removal. More important, her judgments frequently translate to results. Last November, for example, she blasted the idea that Marty Meehan, a former congressman who now runs UMass Lowell, was being taken seriously as a candidate for UMass president. Just days later, Meehan removed himself from contention for the spot. Coincidence? Quite doubtful. — Donna Garlough


Joan Wallace-Benjamin

President/CEO, The Home for Little Wanderers

Power demo:  Saving the lives of thousands through the Home for Little Wanderers, which in 2010 alone provided more than 60,000 hours of help to children and families in need.


Susan Windham-Bannister

President/CEO Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Power demo: Orchestrating a $1 billion investment in our medical, biotech, and academic research institutions, bolstering everything from pharmaceuticals to medical devices.

  • Lesley

    Doesn’t United States Attorney General trump Massachusetts Attorney General? Where is Carmen Ortiz? You’ve overlooked an amazing woman with an inspirational story of achieving the American dream.

  • Doug

    Not only did you miss Carmen Ortiz but how is first Lady Diane Patrick who is also a partner at Ropes and Gray not on this list?