Immodest Proposal: Scrappiness for All

DUSTIN PEDROIA and Danny Woodhead are scrappy. Just like Trot Nixon, Brian Daubach, and, dare I say it, Brian Scalabrine before them. We love our scrappers, and there’s no shame in that. They’re all hard workers who overcame the odds — and here in New England, that’s probably the highest praise we can give an athlete. Only, ya know, they’re all white. And Boston does have, ahem, something of a history when it comes to race and sports.

So how do we fix this? Let’s start by recognizing that nonwhite players can be scrappy, too. Nate Robinson, for example. The C’s little man is 5-foot-9 — the same as Woodhead! Not only that, but Robinson also dives all over the court and has a habit of fearlessly launching his body into gigantor opponents. That’s overcoming the odds! Better yet, that’s scrappy! So let us resolve to henceforth always refer to Nate Robinson as “The Scrappy Nate Robinson.” The Dirt Dogs would most definitely approve.

  • Bobby

    As a life-long Boston fan, I take Jason Schwartz’ comments as a slap in the face. It’s a long stretch to call Daubach and Scalabrine scrappy. And, if he would pay any attention, he would know that t

  • Bobby

    If he would pay attention, he would realize that the Celtics are a team full of scappers. It is insulting to keep hearing about racial bias, long after it has gone. If Mr Schwartz can’t grasp the Bos

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