The Local Nine

We’ve decided: Boston is America’s cookie capital. In honor of Medford native Fannie Farmer’s birthday on March 23, we present the best confections invented here or named for local towns.

9 The Nantucket  Pepperidge Farm harpooned a winner with these dark chocolate chunkers.

8 The Boston Cracker  In 1801 Milton baker Josiah Bent heard a batch of burnt biscuits crackling and, lo, invented the cracker.

7 The Cape Cod Oatmeal  Farmer’s The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book has some of the oldest recipes for oatmeal-raisin nut cookies. (Just add molasses!)

6 The Mastic with pistachio  Sofra Bakery pastry chef Maura Kilpatrick’s modern stunner sandwiches pistachio cream between spiced cookies.

5 The Boston  A butter cookie with nuts and dried fruit, it’s a Farmer staple.

4 The Beacon Hill  This 50-year-old recipe for chocolate meringue cookies has a surprising secret ingredient (vinegar).

3 The Joe Frogger  As lore goes, these molasses spice jobs were named for frogs near a 19th-century Marblehead couple’s home.

2 The Fig Newton  Step aside, Sir Isaac; Cambridge’s Kennedy Biscuit Works named this classic after nearby Newton.

1 The Toll House  When the chopped chocolate she dropped into her cookie dough at Whitman’s Toll House Inn didn’t melt, Ruth Wakefield made history.