The Uniform, Upgraded

By Ally Betker | Boston Magazine |

IT WAS A PROBLEM: Though the Liberty Hotel was known for its weekly fashion shows and trendy bar scene, its staffers were dressing less like chic professionals and more like the prison guards who worked there back when the property was the Charles Street Jail. So general manager Rachel Moniz stepped in; she sat down with 9Tailors, a Boston-based custom clothing company, to update the unflattering gray pantsuits and put employees on par with the mod crowd that the hotel attracts.

The CEO of 9Tailors, Samantha Shih, met with each staffer individually for a custom fitting—and to take their suggestions on every last detail—before designing the collection. “We’re a Build-a-Bear for your clothing,” says Shih. “We walk the client through the process, from fabrics to design.”

Together, Moniz and Shih decided the mauve tones in the hotel’s lobby and the current menswear trend were the ideal inspiration, and 9Tailors quickly whipped up a couture collection of shawl-collar tuxedo jackets, twill-accented pencil skirts, Italian wool trousers, and sleek kimono-style dresses. The result? Guests will have that much more to check out when they check in.

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