• Paul

    No discount coupons? Happy hours are banned because less expensive drinks could lead to people drinking more, in theory. By this logic, so could getting a raise. After an increase wages, a drink costs less compared to your personal income. Thus, all state legislator’s pay increases have been technically illegal, and the state should issue a cease and desist to pay raises for members of our government.

  • Theo

    Meanwhile our legislators are clueless as to why more and more companies and residents are deciding that Massachusetts is not the place to be.

  • Becky

    Well on the thought process of the person above regarding pay raises, the same concept could easily be applied to ANY restaurant discount, and rightfully so. Who cares if the discount goes to the food only? A discount one way or another frees up additional funds for the alcoholic beverages. So regardless of what the state says, if I get $20 off for a restaurant and just happen to apply the whole $20 to food, then I have additional money for my alcohol and have therefore saved money. Despite the state’s rediculous outlook on the discounting of beverages I have to say at least it isn’t NH – where the bars close at 1 Am, and last call is as early as midnight, and in Portsmouth all the bars are so worried about being the last place serving drinks to a person before they drive home for the night, some of the bars are closing at midnight instead, thereby forcing patrons to whatever bars stay open that last hour.