Immodest Proposal: The One-Way Ticket

By Jason Schwartz | Boston Magazine |

If Boston is the Athens of America, why not start acting like it? One of the polis’s more charming customs was the ostracism vote: Citizens would regularly cast ballots to kick someone out of town. We love this! Here’s our first nominee: WEEI morning host Gerry Callahan. He should’ve been fired in 2003 when he and cohost John Dennis joked that an escaped gorilla was a METCO student. But no, ’EEI’s let him blather on about how U.S. soldiers must “worry about getting shot by some punk-ass Muslim” and the like. And while it was fun to listen to Callahan argue with callers over whether he’s homophobic after sportswriter Steve Buckley came out, we’d just as soon not ever hear him again.

Who gets your vote? Go to and tell us who should be ostracized from Boston.

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