The Local Nine

9. April 14, 1953
TWO INCHES :: The Red Sox are forced to postpone their opening-day game, making it the first snowed-out ball game since 1933.

8. April 15-16, 2007  
EIGHT INCHES :: Rain mixes with snow, and four people, including two children, are rescued from a vehicle caught in the resulting floodwaters.

7. April 8-9, 2000
TEN INCHES :: The storm hits western Mass. hard, dropping more than an inch per hour at its height.

6. April 13, 1933
TWELVE INCHES :: Two locals are killed in car accidents, and another dies from a heart attack while shoveling snow.

5. April 3, 1975
TWELVE INCHES :: After winds topple the Marshfield Drive-in’s screen, the theater plays Gone with the Wind the following week.

4. April 6-7, 1982
FOURTEEN INCHES :: The state kicks in an additional $9.5 million to remove the snow — while Governor Edward King vacations in Florida.

3. April 8, 1956
EIGHTEEN INCHES :: One million residents lose power, and three Boston radio stations go off the air for several hours.

2. April 9-10, 1996
TWENTY ONE INCHES :: The storm pushes Boston’s snow tally for the year to a historic high of 107.6 inches.

1. April 1, 1997
THIRTY SIX INCHES :: The infamous April Fools’ Day blizzard sets a record for 24-hour snowfall in Boston.

Photograph by EPA/CJ Gunther/Landov