The Must List

Fine Art: Dale Chihuly
The MFA’s four-decade retrospective presents Chihuly’s famed kaleidoscopic colors and flowering forms in grand scale. The big, dramatic spaces in the museum’s new wing play a key role here, too — the Shapiro Courtyard should fit Chihuly’s 42-foot Lime Green Icicle Tower like an architectural glass slipper. $20, 4/10–8/7.

Event: Cyberarts Festival
Don’t freak over the geeky name: This biennial marries high art with high-tech. Imagine computer-algorithm-produced drawings and avant-garde films screened in a planetarium. It’s not just MIT nerds, either; museums from the DeCordova to the Fuller are also involved. 4/22–5/8,

Music: Buffalo Tom
Aging Gen Xers mourned seeing Buffalo Tom’s, well, taillights fade in the late ’90s. But with the release last month of a new album, Skins, the legendary rockers have proved that their soul-searching, rollicking sound is still intact — and still loud. Now, after a swing through Europe, their first U.S. gig will be at the Paradise. $20, 4/8.

Expo: Boston Comic Con

 Even non-fanboys will be impressed by a lineup at the Hynes packed with more than 200 superhero artists and graphic novelists including Neal Adams, of Batman and X-Men fame, and Gahan Wilson, the longtime New Yorker cartoonist. $20 (single day), or $35 (weekend), 4/30–5/1.

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