The Red Sox Lover's Guide to Liverpool

TO BECOME A KNOWLEDGEABLE FAN of a team with as rich a history as the Red Sox requires years of study and obsession. Liverpool supporters can relate: You need to learn the history, the current roster, the slang, the culture…and then you need to live and breathe it all until it becomes part of your very soul. This primer on the Reds — as LFC is also called — can give you a head start, and we’ve made it even easier on you by couching it in terms of the Old Towne Team. After all, they both wear those crimson hose. So without further ado, the official Liverpool primer, from A to ‘Zed.’


A-G: Anfield to Gerrard

H-P: Hicks to the Phoenix Landing

R-Z: Reina to Zenden


Read the story, A Masshole Goes Among the Thugs, in which Jason Schwartz storms the streets of Liverpool to learn about our new sports brethren.


  • Andy

    Pretty good summation, though calling Bob Paisley skipper would get you some funny looks on the Kop.
    Most, if not all reds seem happy with John Henry so far. LOng may it continue. YNWA

  • Jonathan

    You make a couple of references here and in the main article to how the tune of YNWA alone is not peppy enough for you. Focus on the lyrics not the tune. You come across like a pink hat.