• Sam

    Pretty presumptuous for you to speak for the whole city. You don’t speak for me. While Todd’s actions may not have endeared himself to the city, there’s no reason to slam him in such a distasteful

  • L

    It’s about time someone spoke up and told Todd English it was time to pack it in. Maybe he was a great chef once, but he isn’t anymore and hasnt been in quite some time. THANK YOU for finally saying it so we could move on and focus on the new great chefs making Boston proud every day.

  • Chris

    This is a rare and refreshing piece for Boston Magazine. Finally after years of worshiping Todd English blindly, this magazine has woke up to the reality of who he has become. Hopefully this marks a new era of criticism in which objectivity reigns when it comes to our city’s restaurants and chefs – rather than who advertise with them or wine and dine their editors.

    Thank you, Boston Magazine!

  • L

    Frankly Boston Mag we should break up with you. You have resorted to tabloid trash. Now I understand you are really scraping the bottom and putting this on twitter? Shame on you.

  • Jeanne

    Really, boston mag, what is the point of a mean-spirited PERSONAL attack on Todd English? In this economy, keeping restaurants afloat is no easy task, but regardless of the failings of the restaurants, a snarky personal attack by someone too cowardly to sign their name is far below what I expect from Boston magazine. Did someone not get enough freebies at Kingfish Hall?

  • Patty

    Boston Magazine, you & the so-called “writer” of this “article” owe Mr. English an apology. This is a vicious, mean-spirited personal attach and nothing more. what were you thinking? I for one will not read your drivel again

  • brian

    your cheeky disclaimer aside you should be sued for even remarking about kids being in rehab.what a gross lie and misrepresentation. An “*” Really FU. Just fire this writer and editor. Boston Magazine you are disgusting and I want no part of you ever again. Every restaurant should pull their ads from you today.FU

  • Lothar

    I guess English is open for criticism, but this is just a lazy piece of writing (umm, do some reporting?) and an unfair attack on a guy who as far as I see does ok – and yes, I’ve eaten at his places here, in NYc and Fla, and sometimes they’re meh, usually they’ve been excellent. Funny you dis Mariani too when your writing is, umm, not the best I’ve ever read.

  • Happy

    For Goodness’ Sake, It’s about time!!! I can’t remember the last time I actually laughed out loud reading a Boston Magazine article. This look at a chef who was so pivotal on the scene when I first moved here years ago was insightful and FUNNY! Hopefully it will light a fire under T.E.’s arse, or at least make him think. Kudos on this! Glad to see more writing with personality.

  • Lyssa

    I am completely appaulled by your vicious personal attack on Todd English. I have read articles that your magazine has written about criminals that showed more compassion. The “kids are in rehab”? You know many people only remember the sound bites. This statement reveals a lack of integrity that surely will cost you readership. I for one will never purchase your rag or read your pathetic “journalists” again. You have embarrased yourselves and our entire city.

  • lindsy

    Sounds like whoever wrote this “article” got picked on a lot when they were little and now you feel the need to bully someone else! Todd English can cook for me any night of the week, he’s still got it!

  • Chris

    Well if that tasteless, minor proportion of “the City of Boston” that you consider “US” feels the need to break it off with Todd, the rest of us will take him in. Most of the talent in Boston owe a debt of gratitude to him. And to whoever wrote that article? You can only HOPE to see as much success as Todd has… Bitch.

  • One who

    Todd English is the biggest hack Boston (and the U.S. for that matter) has ever seen. He redefines the word “douche-bag”. He has hurt so many people over the years, and ruined countless women’s lives. Shame on him. He has no friends, and his kids are seriously messed up. It is sad. Wake-up call, English! Try to cook once in awhile, and maybe you will get your mojo back. Until then, you are just another wanna-be has-been.

  • Misha

    Well done, Boston Magazine! I invested in English a long time ago. He stole from me, lied to me, and served countless customers crappy food. My friends still tease me about my “biggest financial loss ever,” and they are all correct. He never wanted to sign anything, and when I would ask him about his restaurants, he would get shifty, and never look me in the eye. The world’s biggest fraud and liar, English just does not have what it takes. He is a womanizer, cheat, scumbag, and complete waste of a human life. I hope he reads this article, and thinks about what a piece of sh&t he is. Oh wait– he cannot think– he has no brain.

  • P

    Rolling my eyes. Seriously. I don’t even know where to start with this piece.

  • PE

    Is this the National Inquirer? I think the “writer” must be the most miserable, jealous person on earth to “write” such a whiney, vindictive piece of crap. At least have some balance to your reporting. Maybe mention how Mr. English has put this city on the culinary map. How embarrassing for you Boston Magazine to have to resort to printing such complete garbage.

  • Maya

    Such is the state of journalism that an insecure high school sophomore who doesn’t know how to post a mean-spirited viral video on YouTube can somehow get published in “Boston Magazine.”

  • ema

    todd english is a douche. his latest endeavor on nantucket is failing miserably, we all dislike him here. can’t wait til we can ship him back to the mainland

  • K

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this year’s recipient of the T.A. D-B award is presented to Todd “I’m a Culinary God” English. This is an individual who has surpassed on every level the sordid memory of the D-B for whom the award is named. He has unfailingly screwed more people out of money, time, dignity, passion, and self-respect than anyone else in Boston. Yes, he is a consummate, self-absorbed, egotistical and complete douche-bag.
    Tony “Captain Intensity” Ambrose himself could not have envisioned a plan of this magnitude with his pithy little restaurant serfdom. Tony sulks in awe. BTW…where is he. Last we saw he was running away from Hingham.
    Congrats Todd. New York is going to chew you up and spit your bones into the Hudson. Good luck schmuck.

  • Sam

    Boston Mag should be ashamed of itself for writing trash like this. Too frightened to put your name on this editorial? In poor taste, very sad.

  • Amanda

    I’m in complete agreement w/ Anonymous, below. Amazing that you can publish something so scathing and not attribute an actual name to this article. I don’t give a hoot about Todd English, but I certainly feel ill about Boston Magazine now.

  • M

    I would like to know if the folks that say this article is unfair have actually been to any of his restaurants in the past 6 months. Have you tasted his greasy fish and fries? Have you tried his cheap white bread rolls? Everything about his meals are sad including the jacked up prices! There are so many other good choices in Boston, I would not waste my money on his meals again.

  • ann

    OMG…If I wanted to read “trash” I could have picked up the Enquirer…shame on you.

  • kyle

    Wow. who has an axe to grind? I’m embarassed for you Boston Magazine.

  • p

    I cannot believe how repulsed I am by Boston Magazine now. This is one of the most slanted, mean-spirited and cowardly articles I have ever written. Say what you will about the quality of the restaurant’s food, the market will bear it out in these competitive times. If they don’t deliver the goods, they won’t survive. Don’t you think he wants all his restaurants and businesses to succeed?! I come from a restaurant family and I cannot believe you are implying that anybody would choose to open restaurants and not care if they would succeed or not.

    And what has the cowardly author(s) ever done? They don’t even have the guts to sign such a hatchet job. It’s not like any of them have any potential outstanding job prospects in journalism in the future. They’re probably mostly living on minimum wage. (I actually had my first weekly newspaper column in 8th grade and I am now so glad I did not pick Journalism as a career)

    btw, I USED to read Boston Magazine (before this article), but I have lived in San Francisco for the past 20 years…

  • Jeanne

    This writing is worse than any suggestion of being “over Todd English” I have ever read. I suggest the writer use their name and not “from Boston” and get a life opposed to stalking his. Good Luck to the writer. This should have been a personal stalking letter. I have worked in hospitality for 20 years and Todd, we all wish you the best!

  • Rebecca

    Pretty sure he started it with a nasty letter that I think was in the Metro about a month ago? Maybe more? I saw that and was beyond angry. I’m sick of New Yorkers telling us how much “better” their city is than ours. His article was jab after jab about how Boston is too “small” and not classy enough. If this is a retaliation letter, then I applaud the magazine.

  • christine

    he really doesn’t owe us ANYTHING. if you are this personally offended by a man who owns restaurants, you’re obviously insane. is this the biggest problem in your sad little world?

  • p

    Rebecca said, “I’m sick of New Yorkers telling us how much “better” their city is than ours. His article was jab after jab about how Boston is too “small” and not classy enough.”


    Well, congratulations then. Views like yours and this article proves his point.

  • Darlene

    Note that most of the “supporters” are from out of town. And likely part of a PR campaign. See this from the NY Post
    “After articles in Boston magazine branded English a “tourist-feeding hack” a

  • Lois

    Leave it to Boston Mag to to define the insecurities of ongoing amateur-hour Boston. Ten yrs ago I left beantown and never looked back at those who can’t handle fame – where I didn’t quite fit in – and have discussed this many times with others who feel the same and gone on to NYC. Since my departure I’ve been a host on an ABC News show, write for Hearst and Conde Nast – real magazines, and this year walked the red carpet with my three time Oscar nominee (winner) boyfriend. In this world nobody judges or condemns. They just ‘get it.’ The only thing I apparently did wrong was NOT keep my foot in the Boston door like poor Todd (still with restaurants there out of respect for his roots.) I just spent a weekend with Todd and friends. He is hands-on a great dad, human being and confidant. Courteous, humble and as earthy/simple/rustic/peasant as some of the family style Italian dishes he serves. His restaurants are well-received in NY and the menus outstanding. Sorry your editors never advanced to the big time and decided to do what small time writers do…write anything to get a…

  • Lois

    continued from above: Sorry your writers/editors never advanced to the big time and decided to do what small time writers do…write anything to get a byline. Forget Bolognese-bashing you might serve up an order of integrity.
    You’ve met your limits. Welcome to your future. You’ll be in Boston for life.

  • Mindy

    Pretty funny and clever — it manages to skewer both Boston and Todd English. I am amazed at all the posters who are up in arms at this little parody (perhaps they are all employees of Mr English’s many ventures?) — especially by the person spewing about walking the red carpet and spending the weekend with “TE and friends”. My hope is that that letter is a parody too, but somehow I doubt it! Anyway, keep up the good work Boston Magazine!

  • Tedd

    The big laugh in this piece is that nobody cares about BOSTON magazine. Eventually, all successful Bostonians must do what Todd English did: Leave Boston behind! Move away from the small, petty, provincial minds that would author and publish an article like this. Boston is the Jan Brady of cities: trying to pass itself off as Marcia but knowing deep down it’s the sister nobody wants.

  • lola

    Some of you misunderstood the deadbeat dad thing. It is about being a father to restaurants, not children. It’s a metaphor. Did you even read it?

  • Carol

    You forgot to mention Figs in Nantucket which is mediocre at best

  • weeeeee

    As a recent, former manager at one of Todd’s NYC ventures, I can attest to the the truth of two items of gossip: Todd and his partners (especially Brian Crawford) do not pay their vendors on time, and push them out for weeks at a time until they threaten to stop delivering. And Todd is REALLY into petite asian women (not necessarily even attractive ones) and has a new one on his hip from week to week. We had to cater to them and their respective twenty-something friends at several locations whenever we got a call from him or his corporate chef, Jeff Steelman) ‘Take care of them, send them a bottle of Champagne, void their entire check, make it disappear’ These were common refrains.

    He is congenial in person, and easy to get along with, but there definitely are cracks in this facade.

  • X

    That is why many of his restaurants have closed. It might have been refreshing 10 years ago, but he can leave the overpriced bistro fare to Vegas and Delta Air Lines. The guy makes airline food these days! (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do any cooking anymore either, he is a brand, supported by PR and magazines such as yourselves)

  • ron

    I can understand how one can be so angry with a single guy, but, really if you’re going to be a bitter Betty….. slap your name on the letter. Have the guts to stand behind your convictions.

  • Cindy

    So glad to hear that not all are enamored by this POS excuse for a human being. I came to these conclusions about him after the Food Network’s “Chef Wanted” show where Chef Tully Wilson won the contest at his Manhatten Olive resturant, yet was blown off and was never given that or any other postion in TE’s organization. It even came to light that he called and berated and cussed out Chef Tully for going to Huffington Post and making it public that TE had renigged on his offer. He is not worth the paper any article about him may be printed on.