We’ll Drink to That: ’80s Cocktails

Oh, the ’80s: that happy-go-lucky cocktailing era of White Russians and Woo Woos. Before the more recent Great Cosmo Pandemic, there was a decade of peach schnapps and bad sour mix. And for bartenders of a certain age, it was a simpler time—a time when drink lists weren’t taken so damn seriously. Hence the current ’80s comeback: Foundry on Elm now dedicates Mondays to those totally awesome years (try the Harvey Wallbanger, pictured) while the team at Trina’s Starlite Lounge mixes a “Woo Wha?” (their take on that mind-bending schnapps concoction). Or belly up to Back Bay Social Club, where a White Russian is the perfect vehicle for getting back to the future. 

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