• JoAnna

    I’m from Arlington, but am 28 so I missed the Faces hey-day. It’s always been talked about amongst my friends as a curiousity, and it’s so great to be able to read this!

  • Thomas

    I think i lived closer to Faces than anyone.. I obtained a fake ID with the help of my older freind and snuck in there just to hob knob and pretend I was older and famous. Truly and awesome Disco.

  • Denise

    Hi, I worked at Faces as a waitress. We did not scurry around in mini skirts, we wore tuxedo shirts, pants, bow ties, heels and big hair! The owners were very protective of their waitresses and wanted us to look respectable. The crew of workers were great friends and many marriages came out of the experience. We loved it! It was great! I think we all would do it again. What a great group of patrons and what a wonderful experience, but not in miniskirts. Just wanted to set the record straight…that is from 1979-1984. I’m just saying…

  • John

    I don’t remember the short skirts or tuxedos. I won my first dance contest at faces. The owners were a little tough on the patrons, and many received vicious beatings. This is more of the reason why the place closes and not due to zoning issues.

  • Jack

    John – what a ridiculous thing to say – that the place closed due to “vicious beatings” by the owners. What happened – you get turned down by a waitress once? Kicked out for having a fake ID? Poor guy.

  • Dan

    I was a teenager in the early 90s, and by that time Faces had devolved into a punchline. Don’t get me wrong: it’s great to read about the club’s heyday, and this article has been an interesting read all around… but it seems to skip the part where people associate it with raging tackiness in it’s later years (at least, that was reputation in my high school scene).

    Also, who could forget the infamous radio spots that ran for years and years with the different male voices all saying “Faces!… Faces!… Faces!” at the end.

  • bill

    I worked at faces 6 nights a week and on my day off I hung out there. It was a great place to meet people and just have fun dancing. People dressed to the max back then. Three piece suits and facny dresses were the norm at Faces. contridictory to studio 54, Faces was not a magnet for drugs and cocaine. It was just plain fun and great music. Those too young to have gone there…you missed a lot. CUDOS to the Martinetti brothers. Thanks for all the fun and great memories!

  • Pat

    A friend of mine from the area let me know that it was torn down. I DJ’d there for a few years after Steven Burke (a consummate pro). We had a little resurgence there in the 80’s. Staff was a lot of fun… so many memories (some are blurry with the fog of time!)

  • Alfredo CrazyFreddy Rivera

    The memories at FACES… Back in my days of rocking the three dance floors there, what good times.. and hooking up with cute chicks… will never forget this place….

    Thank you for all the grate times in my life going there.