Logo Redo

STARBUCKS, as you may have heard, recently updated its logo. Gone is any text, meaning the chain’s famous siren now has the spotlight to herself. That got us thinking: What Boston-area logos have the potential to go typeless and stand on their own?




Stop & Shop
“I don’t know that Stop & Shop has reached full market saturation like Starbucks has, but they probably could drop their text. It has all the pieces of an iconic logo. It’s reminiscent of fresh food and good quality.”
     — James Adamé, Associate Design Director, Hill Holliday

Museum of Science
“For a local institution, this icon mark has no sense of place and is more a generic concept of science. The type is the only thing giving any connection to Boston.”
     — Bryant Ross, Senior Designer, Continuum Innovation

Fidelity Investments
“The pyramid with the all-seeing eye is a foundation of money and power, so it’s a good logo mark. It could live without the typography, but I wouldn’t lose the text for the purpose of brand awareness.”
    — James Adamé

“This icon doesn’t feel unique. I love the simplicity, but it doesn’t scream luggage. It’s reminiscent of nautical imagery, flowers, and fans—nothing that would draw to mind the company the way the Starbucks identity does.”
     — Aaron Belyea, Art Director, Alphabet Arm