A book written and sold for profit has “the same essential nature” as a remembrance at a funeral? This sounds like someone awfully good at rationalization.

  • Richard

    Anon, your characterization of my motives is off-base. The book wasn’t written “for profit.” Sure, I wasn’t going to do it for free (though I almost did). But there are much easier ways to make money than writing a book.

  • Dave

    You are a profile in courage.

    As an author myself, I quite agree that the sales of such a book would never compensate you adequately for all the damage the Kennedy spin machine did to you. Not even close.

    Therefore I do not question your motives. And I applaud you for having the cajones to stand up and speak your truth aloud.

    btw, I am not a Republican or one of those Kennedy-haters. Far from it. I’m a liberal Dem and have been a great admirer of JFK and RFK all my life. I’ve had the opportunity to establish relationships with some of the Kennedy children and with the exception of JFK Jr., none of them impressed me as particularly genuine or being of substance. That’s an overly kind and polite assessment of their personalities, I assure you.