Small Bite at Saus

AN ENTIRE RESTAURANT DEVOTED to Belgian-style frites and waffles? S’il vous plaît! Saus, named for the dips accompanying said frites, is a sunny counter-service spot set on a cobblestoned block of Faneuil Hall (a mere stumble from the glut of Irish pubs). Enthusiastic co-owners Tanya Kropinicki, Renee Eliah, and Chin Kuo have opened the doors after a yearlong effort, and are often the ones you’ll find frying, saucing, and cashing out customers.

From a few countertop fryolators come those fries ($4–$7), all divine: handcut, done to a delicate crisp, and served in paper cones. Choose from sauces such as peppery “Ole Chipotle,” sweet and earthy curry ketchup, and the cheekily named “Ranch I’d Like to Frite” — or drop a deep-fried cage-free egg ($1.50) on top. The poutine ($6–$8), smothered in a translucent pepper gravy, could stand a few more melted cheese curds, but that’s more than made up for by the Liège-style waffles ($3.50). Created not from batter but from a dense and addictive dough, they’re especially delicious when drizzled with Nutella and salted caramel. For that, we say merci.

33 Union St., Boston, 617-248-8835,