• MF

    I suspect journalism is dying in America partly because it is poorly practiced, an excess of opinion and snark and a paucity of research and facts. This column is an excellent example of reckless, grossly ill-informed punditry.

  • Kendall

    What a joke.

  • Mark

    Your article is right on target. The reference to Jon Abbott being like Scott Walker is correct. The day of PBS in general and WGBH in specific being a cause for Liberals to support is long gone. The management tactics are straight from the Koch brothers playbook. The terms used and actions made echo what is being on across the country in the name of conservatism. The table has turned. Know what you are supporting when you send in your donations.

  • marlene

    Every media professional in Boston knows this is true. They’re still handing out the Kool Aid at Guest Street, but we’ve stopped drinking it. You should too.

  • Michael

    “Every media professional”? Really?

    Ms. McNamara’s diatribe mentions not a single substantive issue that is in play in this negotiation.

    The template for the contract between WGBH and this union goes back 40 years and is antiquated as it applies to today’s production environment. A close examination would reveal how much feather-bedding, job-killing and costly language is in that contract when it comes to staffing production work. It would show that it’s essentially because WGBH is a union shop that it costs so much to do production there.

    The contract that was imposed contains a wage increase (admittedly small), no increases in employee costs for healthcare, and no job reductions.

    These are not the Bread and Roses workers. These are not John Lewis’s coal miners and WGBH is not playing the role of Scott Walker. It’s a union negotiation and those are, almost by definition, contentious.

    This is incredibly sloppy work on Ms. McNamamra’s part.

  • kevin jorgensen