• M. L.

    It is very sad to see my favorite brand crumble. My daughter is graduating college this spring, and she has been offered numerous jobs with the top accounting firms. When I suggested Talbots as a place for career clothes — she laughed and said, “oh mom, that’s for old ladies…”. But when I asked her if she would like some suits from Ann Taylor, she jumped at my offer. Brand image is everything. Personally, I have worn Talbots clothes for 30 years and had been very happy up until the last 5 years. What happened? Talbots must differentiate between my daughter’s fashion and mine. No 50 year old women dresses like her daughter, not even the Kardashians…The best examples of product differentiation would be Ann Taylor and the Loft; Chicos and White House Black Market. Talbots just cannot keep running the brand into the ground and making all of us miserable. Talbots is trying to be the retailer to all women of all ages and all sizes. I don’t want to shop at Lane Bryant. I am a Talbots size 2 or 4. This broad of a market approach will never ever work. Further, republican women don’t really want to…

  • D.M.

    I am in my mid-forties and my mother has always loved Talbots but I always thought of them as “old lady” clothes. A couple of years ago I was struggling to find some dress pants that fit well and my mother suggested Talbots. I was very pleasantly surprised, and I have been a loyal Talbots shopper ever since. I really appreciate the personalized attentive service, although I don’t always receive it, depending who is working in my local store. Maybe Talbots needs to remember why women have shopped there. I LIKE that the clothes are not super trendy or funky (which is why I shop less often at Lane Bryant than I used to) but I do bypass a few of the styles in Talbots because they can be a bit frumpy.
    I was a little puzzled by the previous commenter’s remark about not wanting to shop at Lane Bryant? I am a plus size, and good quality clothes are VERY hard to come by – I hope she wasn’t suggesting that Talbots shouldn’t be selling plus? I am lucky enough to live near a store that has a plus store, and hope it stays. (and it’s completely…

  • E. Holt

    Talbots was the only store I went to when I worked in Manhattan, NY. Its tailored suits (and later pants) with a jazzy blouse, or in winter, turtleneck, were perfect. Since then, retirement spells casual. I don’t find that in Talbots as much and now shop at Chadwicks and Jones NY. They are also less expensive than Talbots and offer about the same quality. How can Talbots be revived?

  • forsale

    Talbots was different from department stores, classic designs, not dowdy, epitome of New England chic. The brand has been destroyed, selling out to General Foods was the death knell. then going publlic put the final nail in the coffin so to speak; beholden to so-called marketing experts, focus groups and shareholders…too bad, a victim of its own success. Their catalogs broadcast discounts and styles you would find in Macys, no longer distinctive, it’s a shame.

  • balloonknot9

    Talbot’s where once classic clothing, made very well to last, although somewhat pricey, one could at least go and find something that fit, looked good in many situations and lasted many seasons. They let go of that model, for more trendy and by my accounts ugly clothing. Their women’s department is a joke as I and others do not want sparkles/rhinestones/sequins, big print, obnoxious colors, pleats where there should not be pleats, or tops that are not long enough or shrink when washed, on clothing. Get back to basics, get back to classic looks, get a better women’s department that one is not ashamed to wear and Talbot’s will rake it in.