Immodest Proposal: In Their Faces

By Paul Kix | Boston Magazine |

CERTAINLY, THE WINKLEVOSS TWINS are ghastly pigs. They sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and settled the lawsuit for millions; reopened the suit when those millions weren’t millions-y enough; lost that decision; and then, weeks ago, appealed it. Pigs. The only people worse are the pair of Harvard Business School grads behind the new site IvyDate doesn’t dare ask its members to interact with the proletariat — it excludes anyone not deemed “exceptional.” Even the founders’ names are disgusting: Beri Meric and Philipp Triebel. Those guys just sound like assholes. IvyDate flaunts the worst character traits of the gentry — which even the Winklevii had enough sense to mask. So, Winklevii, here’s the proposal: Sue IvyDate. You’re clearly looking for someone else to drag into court. And IvyDate could sure use a good threat to its existence. I say, Have at it, boys.

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