Summer Escapes: Stick Around

High Art Tours
Boston is home to a ton of great museums, but to experience truly local contemporary art, schedule a walking tour with Kayla Mohammadi. An artist herself (she teaches drawing and painting at Brandeis and UMass Boston), she’ll show you the best of the city’s private galleries along Newbury Street or in the South End and help you find that perfect piece to take home. Bring: The second date you’re trying to impress; your checkbook. Cost: $200 for 1 to 6 people. Duration: 2 hours. >> 617-455-1766,  

North End/Chinatown Food Tours
Trained chef Michele Topor helps groups navigate the North End’s shops and markets while sharing the history and evolution of Italian-American cooking. Prefer kung pao to cavatelli? Topor’s business partner, Jim Becker, has Chinatown covered. He’ll lead you to the best barbecue and bubble tea, then treat the whole group to dim sum. Bring: Your Food Network–obsessed spouse; your appetite. Cost: $50 (North End); $65 (Chinatown, includes lunch). Duration: About 3 hours. >> 617-523-6032,  

Boston Movie Tours
When you’ve had your fill of historical sights, book a seat on this bus tour, which proudly declares itself history-free. You’ll visit the locations of iconic scenes from Boston-set movies, from the Charlestown street captured in The Town’s car-chase sequence to the rooftop where the climactic scene in The Departed takes place. Bring: Your nun mask; a cranberry juice. Cost: $40 (bus tour); $24 (walking tour). Duration: 1 to 3 hours. >> 800-979-3370,

Boston Night Tour
Get your creepy-crawly fix the contemporary way with the Boston Night Tour. You’ll visit spooky locales (the King’s Chapel cemetery, the “Hanging Elm” site on the Common) — but rather than just hearing scary stories, you’ll attempt to communicate with the dead, and detect paranormal activity with EMF meters and spirit photography. Bring: Proton packs; a change of underwear. Cost: $15 (adults); $10 (children ages 6 to 12). Duration: 1 hours. >> 978-741-1170,  

— Tanya Pai