America's Most Wanted

By Tanya Pai | Boston Magazine |

So you’re now signed on for six movies as Captain America. Are you afraid of getting typecast in action roles?
Hmm. I don’t know. If I ever feel like that’s beginning to happen, I’ll just stop doing them. But that’s the way acting goes: You initially start being cast in the stuff that you’re kind of right for, and then as you continue to get work, you’re afforded more opportunities to break that mold and try to prove yourself in a different light.

But you turned down the role of Captain America three times before accepting it. When your agent is telling you to do one thing and the studio is telling you to do another, is there somebody you rely on for advice?
Well, certainly my parents. They know me inside out. I have a few people in my life who have no agenda, and it’s nice to step back and use them as an anchor to try to make the right choices.

Do you find the physical or the emotional aspects harder when preparing for a role?
The emotional is, no question, more difficult. With physical prep work, you know if you go to the gym, you will get size. There’s no chance it won’t happen. The emotional prep work is a variable. You could step onto the set one day and have a disconnect with your thoughts and feelings, and have a rough day acting because you can’t quite tap into what you need.

Which of your characters was the hardest to access emotionally?
I did a film earlier this year that went to the Tribeca Film Festival, called Puncture. It was based on a real man who had passed away. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of his family and friends, and they were generous enough to share his story with us and give us their blessing. It was a bit intimidating, because you’re trying to take something precious and make sure you do it justice. Certain days the family would actually be on set, and those are the days where it’s easy to let your mind play games with you. Those are the days where the emotional preparation can be hit-or-miss.

What about roles you didn’t get? Anything you really regret losing?
Yeah, there was one film that I really wanted. This was a long time ago; it was a film called Fracture. Ryan Gosling ended up doing it with Anthony Hopkins. It wasn’t a giant box-office success, but I really enjoyed the script and I enjoyed the character. I got pretty close and was kind of disappointed it didn’t go my way.

When setbacks like that happen, how do you find the motivation to keep battling?
You know, acting’s like a drug. You have those months where you feel lousy and depressed and you contemplate gear shifting into another realm, and then you have a great audition or you get a callback or you get a part, and you remember why you love it. It’s a tricky business, a lot of ups and downs, and you just have to maintain a healthy amount of perspective. I would never want my acting career to dictate the level of happiness I experience in my life. It’s easy to let that happen.

  • Tanja

    What a lovely man. Boston can be proud of him!

  • Tom

    I had dealings with this guy last year when he was in England and he did something he didn’t have to for a child I know. I can tell you he is a good hearted man who made a little boy very happy!

  • Barry

    I’m always struck by the fact that it’s hard to talk to this man about personal things for long before he mentions his family. It’s lovely. He always wears the St Christopher he got from his grandmother. He’s a great guy. Anon is right, Boston ought to be proud to call him their own.

  • Vic

    I’ve long admired him as an actor. He has been the best thing in most of the movies he’s made. He was extraordinary in Sunshine and London.
    He is right to value his old friends! He seems wise to the fact that a lot of people popping into his life now would abandon him at the drop of a hat.
    But with his loving family and loyal old buddies plus his pleasant and modest personality I’m confident he’ll cope with the success which is so justly coming his way now.

  • Helen

    Looking forward to Captain America, the trailers seem amazing!! I agree that he seems a very likeable young man. Good luck to him, Captain America is going to be fantastic.

  • Tanja

    Sorry, still trying to get my head around the idea of having Chris Evans as a boyfriend and dumping him! Sorry, does not compute.
    Gorgeous face, ridiculous body but I have a hunch the best part of him is …… his heart!! (aaah!)

  • Carla

    What a lovely grounded individual he seems. I hope he finds his ‘Miss Right’ some day. (He’d make a great family man and dad!!)