America's Most Wanted

By Tanya Pai | Boston Magazine |

You went straight from Lincoln-Sudbury High to auditioning full time. Did you have to sit down with your parents and have the “I’m not going to college” talk?
No. It was very easy. In the summer after my junior year, I talked my parents into letting me move to New York City to get an internship. That was the most difficult hurdle. At the end of the summer, I went back to finish my senior year of high school but was traveling to New York maybe once a week for auditions. At that point college was still part of the plan, but then I got really lucky. I got a pilot, and that got picked up and took me to L.A. So we decided, “Maybe college can wait.”

We actually have a staff member who graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury, and she told me to mention Mr. Plott…
Oh, sure! Mr. Plott was the drama teacher at L-S, and I actually just invited him and his wife, Judy, to the premiere of my film at Tribeca. They supported me at the festival.

Acting seems to run in your family. Your older sister, Carly, is the one who first got you into drama, and your younger brother, Scott, had a role on One Life to Live for a while. Did you get to watch him?
Yeah, are you kidding? I watched him all the time. He’s in New York; he has an agent. That’s how he makes his living.

When your family watches your movies, do you ever have to tell your mom, “You probably don’t wanna watch this”?
My mother’s a basket case. I’ve had a few death scenes, and she just weeps the whole time. She’s a bit emotional.

And how did she feel about your whipped-cream bikini scene?
[Laughs.] That was a rough one. “This is what I do now, guys. Look at my movie. I have a banana in my ass.” Great. I guess you gotta pay your dues onscreen, and that was kind of a rite of passage for me.

Now you have movie roles that take you all over the world. Do you bring your bulldog on the road with you?
As long as the location allows it. But sometimes it doesn’t. For example, we shot in London for Captain America, and the quarantine process for dogs is multiple months. That’s insane! But for the most part, he’s with me. He’s been everywhere: Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Texas. Pretty much anywhere I go that’s in North America, he’s coming with me. He’s 10 years old; he knows the drill.

What do you do with him when you travel abroad?

One of my best friends on the entire planet is a girl named Tara — I grew up with her in Boston, and she’s lived out in L.A. for a few years. She absolutely adores him, so whenever I take off he stays with her.

You don’t have a girlfriend you can leave him with?
I do not.

You used to date Jessica Biel, and you even made a couple of movies with her. Did it make a difference while you were filming that you had a relationship?
Anytime you get to work with someone that you know, it’s gonna lend itself to the on-set relationship. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few friends, as well. You have to find a certain level of relaxation while you’re trying to perform, and any time you can lean on an existing relationship with
someone, it’s only going to help.

  • Tanja

    What a lovely man. Boston can be proud of him!

  • Tom

    I had dealings with this guy last year when he was in England and he did something he didn’t have to for a child I know. I can tell you he is a good hearted man who made a little boy very happy!

  • Barry

    I’m always struck by the fact that it’s hard to talk to this man about personal things for long before he mentions his family. It’s lovely. He always wears the St Christopher he got from his grandmother. He’s a great guy. Anon is right, Boston ought to be proud to call him their own.

  • Vic

    I’ve long admired him as an actor. He has been the best thing in most of the movies he’s made. He was extraordinary in Sunshine and London.
    He is right to value his old friends! He seems wise to the fact that a lot of people popping into his life now would abandon him at the drop of a hat.
    But with his loving family and loyal old buddies plus his pleasant and modest personality I’m confident he’ll cope with the success which is so justly coming his way now.

  • Helen

    Looking forward to Captain America, the trailers seem amazing!! I agree that he seems a very likeable young man. Good luck to him, Captain America is going to be fantastic.

  • Tanja

    Sorry, still trying to get my head around the idea of having Chris Evans as a boyfriend and dumping him! Sorry, does not compute.
    Gorgeous face, ridiculous body but I have a hunch the best part of him is …… his heart!! (aaah!)

  • Carla

    What a lovely grounded individual he seems. I hope he finds his ‘Miss Right’ some day. (He’d make a great family man and dad!!)