A Real Prince

Hey, Kevin James, do us a favor: please make your schlock somewhere else.

Despite all the Hollywood hubbub around Boston, it’s no secret that a lot of the movies made here have been total dogs. For every Social Network or The Town, there’s been one too many along the lines of Bride Wars or The Pink Panther 2. And a disturbing number of these clunkers have one thing in common: Kevin James. The King of Queens has made not one, but four “comedies” here in the Bay State.

His first two made-in-Mass. craptaculars were the self-descriptive Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which was shot at the Burlington Mall and somehow made the place seem worse than it actually is; and Grown Ups, a film about dads who—surprise!—don’t want to grow up.

On July 8 comes James’s third offense: Zookeeper, which features the clever premise of talking animals teaching his character how to win back an unrealistically hot girlfriend. Judging from the trailer, the movie, shot at the Franklin Park Zoo, certainly ain’t comedy gold: The gorilla who worships T.G.I. Friday’s is funnier than James himself.

Finally, we oh so eagerly anticipate the summer 2012 release of Here Comes the Boom. Shot in Lowell and Quincy this spring, it’s about a high school teacher turned mixed martial arts fighter. Sigh.


  • Zack

    Interesting commentary/reviews of movies that you haven’t seen. Those of us who work on these movies enjoy KJ’s enthusiasm for bringing millions of production dollars to our region. I can understand why a freelance hack who can’t pay his cable bill wouldn’t get that.

  • Dude

    There’s a difference between “actors” (Harvey Keitel) and “movie stars” (Kevin James). Sometimes you get a crossover actor to movie star (DeNiro). That’s just an FYI. Another FYI is that for a relatively small budget, Mall Cop was number one for a few weeks and grossed about 200 million before cable/DVD/netflix. Zookeeper will probably fare just as well. Blame America I guess.

  • K

    I am reminded why I choose not to live in Boston; it is overfilled with snobs like yourself.